Based on a innovative tilting and tubular chassis with a patented roof, Urbaner answer to security and comfort requirements. The “Made in Pays de la Loire” production with local partners for the specifics pieces of Urbaner is a guarantee of quality and availability.

Compliance with european directive.

Electrical assistance up to 25km/h  thanks to a crankset motor.

Autonomy of more than 50 km with lithium battery 17.5 Ah/36V/635 Wh (guaranteed 2 years).

Mechanical gearbox with 4 levels of electrical assistance.

Lighting, flashing lights, mirror.

Roof in ventilated canvas with removable doors.

Dimensions : lenght = 235 cm x width = 75 cm

Lockable trunk of 40l

Foldable back seat

Hydraulic disc brakes

Tilting chassis with suspensions

Foldable back seat

The back seat of Urbaner allows 2 kids or an adult to travel carefully.

40 litres trunck

Pratical, the trunk can accomodate yours shopping, hiking bag or laptop suitcase


Urbaner offer a perfect visibility by every weather thanks to its flashing lights and its front and rear LED lights. Security and serenity on the roads.